The Toronto Rental Market is Frustrating!

Are you tired of searching on Facebook marketplace and for rentals?  Sure, maybe you found some in your budget, but now you’re running in circles trying to book a showing with unresponsive landlords and agents. 

None of this is helping because you really need to find a place as soon as possible!

It’s hard because so many people are trying to find housing, whether it’s students trying to attend University or newcomers to Canada.

You have two options:
Option #1) You can keep trying to look for a place yourself 
This website is full of articles and videos to help you find your next home.
It definitely can be done, but why are you working so hard?

Option #2) You can work with a professional real estate agent
One of my team members with rental experience in your city, is happy to guide you to find the a rental property that fits your budget and needs.

But wait, what’s the cost?
The best part is – there is no cost to you!  In most instances, our fees are paid by the Landlord on a successful offer. We’ll explain exactly what this means when you decide to hire us to represent you!

So what are you waiting for?
Contact us today to hire a professional real estate agents to find a rental for you ASAP!

Lawrence Mak

Real Estate Broker
Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas
EXP Realty

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